Vidya Balan Didn’t Think ‘Parineeta’ Would Be Completed Initially

Vidya Balan Didn't Think Parineeta

Bollywood famous actress Vidya Balan said she was labelled as jinxed in the industry as her projects were receiving shelved. Vidya Balan didn’t think ‘Parineeta’ would be completed initially. “My family went with the appreciation of Cinema of being a large bad world. I told my parents that I will do one movie, and I will quit. I got signed for Malayalam movie that was shelved. “Afterward there were about three movies that I was the fraction of which were shelved. I was labelled jinxed. I was thrown out of the movie because of that,” Balan said at the ongoing ‘Women Economic Forum’ in Goa.

Vidya Balan Didn't Think Parineeta

Vidya Balan didn’t think ‘Parineeta’ would be completed initially. The ‘Parineeta’ protagonist said her first struggle had a silver lining when her parents who were opposing her selection to be in the movies, later desired that at least one movie of her should be finished. The 37-year-old performer said when she was going through an uneven phase and was shooting a song for ‘Euphoria’, she met director of Parineeta Pradeep Sarkar who offered her the movie, which she consideration would not be finished.

Vidya Balan Didn't Think Parineeta Would Be Completed Initially-1

I met Pradeep Sarkar during the shooting of Euphoria. He said I will do the movie with you.. I said ‘kitne aye kitne gaye’ I did not believe him however I afterward did Parineeta with him,” she remembered. “When I was growing up and i did not akin to my name because it was old-fashioned. Each alternate girl had that name. My sister was Priya however still I liked her name,” the thirty-seven-year-old performer said. Vidya Balan didn’t think ‘Parineeta’ would be completed initially.

Vidya Balan Didn't Think Parineeta

“It was much later that I started to understand the name that my parents have given me.. I began liking it when one guy told me that Vidya is such old world name, and you are old world attraction,” she said, “just two things that they have held me jointly is my faith and my family. I am irreligious. I do not pray to particular god however I pray to supreme God. I am forever optimistic. I as well know that if the sun goes down it has to come up,” she added.

Vidya admitted that she came into the showbiz industry being a selfish odd girl.


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