Top Ten Most Dangerous Places of the World to Live

Cape Town
Cape Town

The biggest concern of our world is peace and now a day’s we do not see much face to face wars, yet the danger of violent non-state actors have developed on and off the scene which has disturbed the peace of the whole world. These elements have adopted the violent means in order to achieve their desired goals to destroy the peace of the world. Both developed and under developed nations are facing the same type of problem with the hand of such groups. it is affecting the life of people living in such places. Their lives are under the fear and uncertainty. Regarding the threat some locations are ranked as dangerous areas of the world. A complete description of top ten most dangerous places of the world to live is listed below:

Top ten unsafe places

10. Cape Town :

Cape town
Cape Town

The capital of South Africa known as Cape Town is the one of the most prevalent tourist terminus in the world. It’s also having the very much higher crime rate it is one of the most unsafe place at nights. The high level of crime is in Dorsey to the gap between socioeconomic classes and hence one of the top dangerous place to live.

9. Nairobi:


The militant’s threat to launch attacks at    any time they want in Nairobi the tense place  of Kenya. Also, rates of street crime are very  high. Night time travel in the city is very  unsafe with looting being a routine affair of  this place.




8. Caracas:

Venezuelan capital Caracas is a drug trading haven. Break-in and trifling crimes are usually with the police having very little say or will to control the situation.