Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries of World to Visit In 2015-2016

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries of World to Visit In 2013

At one side Science is creating facilities for the people to make their lives better and to provide facilities with day-by-day new inventions but on the other side the darkest aspect of the modern world is that human lives are not safe in many countries of the world. People, tourists and businessmen hesitate to visit these countries and sacrifice their relations, business and other things.

The reason for this aspect is that the non-state actors try to impose their rules and to get their specific goals. They make their particular agendas to enforce on government and people to adopt it. This concept is wrong that only under-developed and developing countries failed in imposing their government in the country but also the developed countries are affected by such groups.

A list of such top ten countries is given below to provide the valuable information to people who want to know about these countries. This list is made on proper research and after observing the people of these countries. We came to know that the people of these countries want to leave it because they are fearful, frightened and conscious about their lives and also they are facing psychological problems by happenings day by day. The ratio of crime, murders and terrorism etc. is very high in these countries.

 1.   Somalia

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries of World to Visit In 2013

In this dreamy world, Somalia is the most dangerous country to visit for tourists instead of its fantastic beauty. Somalia is located in the easternmost part of Africa and has the population round about 10 millions. This country has been in real confliction and happenings since the civil war fought in 1990. It is the most dangerous country of the world at present time to visit. It is also given the title of Modern Tortuga to the militants and rascal gangs who remain always ready to attack on the incoming investments, ships and kidnap people for target killing and robbery. They also smuggle the parts of body and even the people to get money. The continuous three wars in 1970s 1980s, and 1990s destroyed the country and allowed the non-state actors to impose their agenda on the state.

If you are going to visit Somalia, we will recommend you to wait for the right time.

 2.    Honduras

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries of World to Visit In 2013

San Pedro Sula, the city of Honduras is considered at the second number on world level as dangerous country. Day-by-day so much violent happenings happen there and killing, robbery, brutality and other major crimes are at the top. This country is lacking badly the peace and stability for last many years. This country is affected by worst floods which ruined thousands kilometers of roads, buildings and the main thing is that the increasing terrorism and violence is increasing every day. You will be surprised to know that Honduras is at the first number with respect to the killing ratio.

 3.    Syria

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries of World to Visit In 2013

The Arab Spring is over but it has left its effects on many countries and Syria is one of them. The militants and terrorist groups are causing very serious problems for the citizen that’s why the foreign tourists and investors totally avoid to visiting it. The civil war between the government and the anti-state terrorists has ruined thousands of lives of its own inhabitants and this calculation is increasing continuously. Syria is at number 3 by the most dangerous countries list. So it is suggested to you not to visit it until the end of civil war and rehabilitation of peace situation.

  • Ramesh

    Hey, you bloody inbred chimp, about 6 million tourists arrive in India annually – most of them being Americans & Europeans. And number of cases of assaults on the female tourists in last one decade is next to negligible.

    According to United Nations Sexual Violence against Children & Rape Statistics, number of rapes per 100,000 population:

    In 2010, Botswana: 92.9; Australia: 79.5; UK: 28.8; India: 1.8; World’s Highest rape rate: Botswana.

    In 2009, Australia: 89; UK: 27.5; India: 1.8. World’s Highest rape rate: Australia.

    In 2008, Australia: 93; UK: 24; India: 1.8. World’s Highest rape rate: Australia.

    PS: When you compare two nations in a crime – e.g. India (1.2 billion) with Australia (23 million) – you count number of crimes per 100,000 population.

  • Kozak

    I am French and live in Colombia, don’t speak about crimes of 1998 in an 2013 article ! In every count you have crimes, but today Colombia is saver then Brasil, Mexico, Bolivia and Venezuela. Stay away from Cali, Medellin and the region near Ecuador and your saver then in any big city of the USA.