Top Ten Horror Movies Of 2015-2016

Horror Movies Of 2014

Awfulness smashes through limits and tests the disallowances of taste and think ability in a manner few different kinds can match. Here we will discuss top ten horror movies. Classics of the class were processed in silver screens quite soonest days the vampire bad dream Nosferatu and The Bureau of Dr Caligari from the universe of German Expressions.

10. MAMA

Horror Movies Of 2014

In the beginning of the movie the father of two young daughters Victoria and Lily arrived home and was in very hurry he took them and left the home for a faraway forest and reached an abandoned home. It is ranked on 10th number in the list of top ten horror movies. There he tried to kill his daughters before he could kill himself. “BUT THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN THAT WAY!!!!”


Horror Movies Of 2014

It’s one of the most horrible movies in which we watch monster invasion on Earth. It starts when a fisherman caught no lobster but caught a unique creature which he thrown in his bathtub. It is ranked on 9th number in the list of top ten horror movies. Soon he came to know that the creature sucks the blood through the head by using its tongue so he named it as “Grabber”. Then in some days there was an explosion of such creatures which lead you to “WATCH THE MOVIE”!!!


Horror Movies Of 2014

It is ranked on 8th number in the list of top ten horror movies. The Lords of Salem revolves around the people who don’t know what’s going on but their instincts tell them that something is not correct. The Lords of Salem is about the unending cycle of violence and destruction. Unlike other Zombie movies it doesn’t target specifically women.  Hey I was saying at the end of the movie that BE AWARE might you are surrounded with ZOMBIES!