Top Ten Creatures that Glow in the Dark


80% glowing creatures are discovered in the depths of the world’s oceans, apart from this there are most of the sea creatures that glow in the dark in fact you can say most of them actually do. On land, the number of bio luminescent creatures is very less. However, there are no known birds, reptiles, flowering plants, mammals or amphibians that discharge light. The best place where you can see these creatures are in the dark, but if you truly want to view these creatures you have to allow your eyes to observe and to observe this unusual phenomenon in all its glory. As you remember, when we were kids we used to catch fireflies in the dark, here is the list of some other Creatures that Glow in the Dark knows them you will truly be amazed.

10. Dinoflagellates – Blue Ocean Glows

Dinoflagellates consist of more than two thousand protests species that involves the toxic red tide. Also, they can be found in any salty, fresh or old water. Mostly these flagellates live in marine environments. Some of its specific species can produce a brilliant bio luminescence. Top ten creatures that glow in the Dark, when these microorganisms are disturbed, no matter that they have distributed naturally or by man-made waves, the surface of the water starts glowing as it lights up in a beautiful blue ocean glow.

Dinoflagellates – Blue Ocean Glows

9. The Land Snail, QuantulaStriata

There are a lot of aquatic mollusks that glows, but there is only one snail that can produce light and that is the tropical species which is known as Quantulastriata. In fact, that are many snails but none of them can do this rather than the land snail.

8. Firefly Squid (WataseniaScintillans)

There are many kinds of squid, but only some of them can be able to glow in the dark like the gigantic Dana octopus squid or the adorable bobtail squid. The “firefly squid” of Japan is very small that it takes the cake with its dazzling coastal display. creatures that glow in the Dark, the average length of this firefly is like three inches long but you know what its amazing feature is, it’s that it can swim to depths of hundreds of meters during the day while when it turns dark in the night then it comes back to the surface.

7. Deep Sea Angler fish

It is one of the scariest kinds of fish that you could have ever seen in your life, but apart from this both deep sea and angler fish shallow water. Besides their scary looks they have also got to be some of the world’s most finely-adapted predators, there are more than 200 species of angler fish but all of them are different in size and shapes. Some of these fishes are as long as 1.2 meters, but most of them are much smaller.


Tomopteris is a sea worm, you can also call a polychaete. It is ranked among one of those creatures that make a yellow light. creatures that glow in the Dark, if tomopteris feels annoyed or disturbed them, they can let loose glowing sparks from foot-like appendages that are known as parapodia.

5. Fireflies

Fireflies are the most widely known creature that glows beautifully; there are more than 2,000 species of firefly that light up the air over every continent except Antarctica. Fireflies are the kind of a beetle; they are not flies in actual.


4. Crystal Jelly (Aequorea Victoria)

Crystal jellies are the best among all the Creatures that Glow in the Dark as they are transparent, they have no specific color, and they are usually found floating with the ocean currents. Crystal jellies look delicate and fragile, Crystal jellyfishes are carnivorous. They can eat other jellyfishes, and besides this they also be able to eat zooplankton and small crustaceans of the sea also. They have more than 100 tiny light-producing organs that emit bluish and greenish light from them, these jellies are collected for their luminescent photo-proteins. The proteins they have are used as biomarkers in detecting calcium and research for studying genes.


Atoll is a rare kind of a fish, it is deep-sea dwelling jellyfish which is famous and is known best for its “burglar alarm” as when Atoll is attacked it sets off bright light display that can be seen very easily for about 300 feet’s. creatures that glow in the Dark, according a research it has been said that the fireworks are intended to attract something fiercer, or you can say even larger. Atoll is might be able to escape If she founds any new predator takes an interest in it.


Colonial jelly is a kind of jellyfish which have the ability to grow about 12 inches. Colonial Jelly can control its elevation in the water with a gas-filled float, the gas it has, has been released through a pore in the bottom of its float then after this all, the gas that is being released is refilled through secretions from a special gland. The luminescence of a colonial jelly is a mystery but according to research scientists have said that they think it startles predators, but it’s just the best guess.


These 2-inch Deiopea are most like comb jellies; these jellies are named as Deiopea for a mythological water nymph. They are usually hermaphroditic, these de Opera release both eggs and sperm, which after that fertilizer in the open water. According to research, it has been seen that Comb jellies can self-fertilize also but it can’t be said that how often this happens.

The beauty of nature is always hidden, if you want to enjoy nature to the fullest than try observing the phenomena of nature. These little glow creatures are amazing, once you have seen them in the dark you can’t keep your eyes off them, they are lovely. These creatures are not very rare, but all it takes is some time and eyes to observe them; they are just beautiful.Apart from these, there are many other Creatures that Glow in the Dark.