Top Ten Best Tablets For 2015-2016

Best Tablets For 2014

What is the best tablet for the year? The latest tablets when compared and rated are constantly updated. Tablets take the world by the storm. Here we will discuss top ten best Tablet. Just few years ago they were unknown for lot of people but nowadays you have got more choice than you can shake somewhat mildly agitated badger at and with the new choice come some decisions and also some difficult decisions. Do you eschew the Apple’s high prices then join Android brigade and find best iPad alternative? Or you can jump on board the Apple’s love train and use one of most popular tablets on available on this planet?

Sr. No

Best Tablets


1 Tesco Hudl $80
2 iPad mini $250-$650
3 Microsoft Surface Pro 2 $449
4 Google Nexus 10 499 USD
5 Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 $229
6 LG G Pad 8.3 $349.99
7 Sony Xperia Tablet Z $500
8 Google Nexus 7 $199 USD
9 IPad Mini 2 with Retina US$399.00 to US$829.00
10 IPad Air US$499.00 to US$929.00

We have put new iPad mini 2 with the Retina Display and the LG G Pad 8.3 through in-depth review check out below I order to see where they land in this list. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is the incoming tablet so stay tuned for that tablet.  We have got some high hopes for internet retailer’s new foray into the affordable but the high-powered tablets. We have made it easy and pulled together top tablets at the moment available in UK. If no tablets take your fancy then head on to tablet reviews pages where you will find the in-depth reviews for many models. Let us know about your thoughts on top ten best Tablets for 2014.

10. Tesco Hudl

Best Tablets For 2014

Top ten best tablet includes Tesco Hudl. What is this a supermarket is making a tablet? Whatever is next Argos making a tablet too? The Hudl tablet is super cheap worth around £119 Android tablet which puts the other £100 worth slates to shame and so it comes at the number 10 in best tablet roundup. Given the price Hudl is well-specced, sports solid build and very decent 7-inch display. Stock Android will please those people who are not fans of various interface overlays which exists and addition of micro SD slot is very useful. Of course Hudl is not going to blow you away with the super slick operation although quad-core processor means that there is a chunk of power under its hood.

9. iPad mini

Best Tablets For 2014

It is ranked on 9th number in the list of top ten best Tablets. Apple’s former CEO named Steve Jobs famously slammed the small tablets few years back, leading many to believe that the Cupertino-based firm would never dabble in budget end of market but here we are In terms of the consistency in tablet market Apple cannot be matched in anyway as it lays claim to top two places in top 10 although iPad mini is no longer jewel in already glistening crown. It is already been usurped by upgraded Google Nexus 7 and the successor. Now we have all Retina magic which we hoped for on new Mini edition the old Mini is not a bad device as well. We have just recommended you the heavy look at new model before you plump for this tablet.

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Best Tablets For 2014

Microsoft’s second generation Windows 8 slate is also here building on predecessor and providing well rounded tablet come the laptop experience. It is ranked on 8th number in the list of top ten best Tablets. In terms of the portability Surface Pro 2 would not be winning any awards. It is big and it is heavy but if you are looking for powerful business tablet then Pro 2 is one of best if not best around. Microsoft has improved Pro 2 in numbers of ways from original Surface Pro with updated Windows 8.1 OS which is beefy Intel processor and improved battery life with two position kick-stand.

7. Google Nexus 10

Best Tablets For 2014

Best tablet 2014 includes Google Nexus 10.The 10.1 display is one of biggest talking points on Google Nexus 10. At 299 pixels per inch its highest resolution around 10-inch tablet display on planet. If you are looking for something which is packing even the more pixels you will need to trade in the screen size for 7-inch 323ppi Nexus 7. It is great performer too. It is ranked on 7th number in the list of top ten best Tablets. Other than just taking a while to process the panorama photos it was never felt like it was struggling to keep up. It is very fast and smooth no matter whatever you throw at it. Sure it might not be stunning to look at or might not be as well built as the iPad and lack of the expandable memory will irk some people but the overall Nexus 10 gives you quality, some big-screen Android experience.

6. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

Best Tablets For 2014

It ismeaner, leaner and more powerful than the predecessors. Amazon has stepped the game up with Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 as it looks to keep up the pace with new Nexus 7. It is ranked on 6th number in the list of top ten best Tablets. On paper the Amazon’s latest 7-inch tablet is more than up to job with 2.2GHz quad-core processor around 2GB of RAM, HD display, 64GB of storage and the prices starting at around £200. It is best tablet. In reality however it is not complete offering which the Nexus 7 is with the Amazon’s heavily modified Fire OS 3.0 stripping out lot of functionality of the Android and putting retailer’s services at front and at the center.

5. LG G Pad 8.3

Best Tablets For 2014

LG in at number 5on the smartphone list and then tops five for the tablets? Could brand be on rebound? Well when you make Android tablet with design language like this then perhaps it is time to quietly worry about the Samsung. It is ranked on 5th number in the list of top ten best Tablets. In place of plastic it has got aluminum shell and connectivity with the other Android phones makes it somewhat viable option for wide range of the users. It is best tablet. Some might also question whether Snapdragon 600 chip is low-power for tablet that costs nearly around£270 but it allows for somewhat sleek design according to Korean brand.

4. Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Best Tablets For 2014

It is ranked on 4th number in the list of top ten best Tablets. It is somewhat Sleek, iconic and powerful. The brand has been plugging away in mobile space for few years but now combination of Sony Xperia Z and the Tablet Z shows that Japanese brand is bringing us the devices that public can really lust after.

3. Google Nexus 7

Best Tablets For 2014

New Nexus 7 takes over from original 7-inch effort from the Google in the year 2012and packs 1.5Ghz quad-core processor around 2GB of RAM and comes with either the 16GB or the 32GB of storage Offered up at the 260g. It is ranked on 3rd number in the list of top ten best Tablets. It is perfect tablet for slinging in bag and hurtling down to local supermarket or is also equally adept at being long-haul savior with the reams of the apps which is a decent slug of battery life and all-new high-res 7-inch IPS display with resolution of around 1920 x 1200 display with the 323 ppi.

2. IPad Mini 2 with Retina

Best Tablets For 2014

Google Nexus 10 includes iPad Mini 2 with Retina. Look at Apple’s taken top two spots in tablet round up. You will either love or just hate that decision but we cannot deny that Apple has best slates on market right now. It is ranked on 2nd number in the list of top ten best Tablets. The iPad Air is ahead of Mini 2 thanks to being competitive on the price and having large screen for all i Pad-friendly applications.

1. IPad Air

Best Tablets For 2014

It is ranked on 1st number in the list of top ten best Tablets. We have new player at the number one. If you have already read iPad Air review then this will come as no surprise as the Apple’s latest slate is first tablet ever to gain five star rating on the TechRadar. People scoffed when the Apple launched their first iPad but sector has grown exponentially since first generation device landed and with Air the Cupertino firm has finally nailed formula. As today’s best smartphones and best applications play a big role on the tablets.

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