Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors in 2015-2016

Taylor Lautner

Hollywood is a great stage of opportunities for the young blood, Hollywood provides great opportunities for the junior actors and they are singing them in every new film. It is a dream of every young person to work in the Hollywood and also see the shining beauty of it. This industry is providing opportunities to every actor and that’s why they are heavily paid according to their talent and abilities. It is a huge source of entertainment for the people and at the same time it has also become the source of earning money. They have produced heavy budget science fiction movies, which are highly praised and loved by the people allover the world. As most of the people around the world are very much interested in the movies of Hollywood and they also keep a knowhow about the celebrities and their upcoming films. So, keeping in mind the interest of the people we have prepared a complete list of “Top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors.” There is a huge competition among these actors and everyone want to become the number one actor, but for this they have to face the mountains of difficulties, and after that they will be able to stand at the list of the best actors.

10. Taylor Lautner:-

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is a young emerging star from Hollywood, he has earned lots of popularity and reputation at very small age. His film Twilight Saga earned him a lot of fame and now director and producer want to cast him in their new movies. Abduction has also become very famous and loved by the people, it helps him to improve his position in the industry. He has been paid with $26.5 million and it is at number 10 in the category of highest paid actors.

09. Mark Wahlberg:-

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is another very good actor and he has the ability to perform any given role. He earned a lot of fame after the movie “The Fighter,” public loved his role in the film and he has done some comedy movies as well. He has been paid with $27 million and placed 9th in the list.

08. Will Smith:-

Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the promising actors in the industry, and that’s why he has been paid with $30 million. His famous films are Men in Black, I Robot, Bad Boys and many more. He has lovers and followers from all around the world and he is one the best actors produced by the Hollywood, this star is at 8th place in the category of highest paid actors of Hollywood.