There was conspiracy of national and international departments against PPP in elections, Zardari

president of pakistan, asif ali zardari, ppp,




We done some works which they didn’t like, our mandate is being theft in Sindh. Results of elections are coming after many days, address with party leaders.

Lahore, President Asif Ali Zardari said that I will control party by myself. We will finish the mistakes of our party. We will work together with trust of all parties. He said that Pakistan People’s party faces defeat in these elections. He said that he can’t play party because of his presidential issues.

president of pakistan, asif ali zardari, ppp,

President said that the main cause of the PPP defeat in the election was embezzlement.

According to the sources PPP is making a policy to get information about the next election 2018 and is sure about its success in the election.


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