Sunny Leone’s Item Song In Censor Trouble

Posted on Apr 13 2013 - 1:26pm by Moeed Shahid


Sunny Leone’s first item song Laila has gone viral on internet and is attracting everyone. The song is definitely more crispy and crunchy than Priyanka’s Babli Badmaash hai. The item song has been getting the most views on the internet but apart from its increasing popularity it has also landed in some trouble.


The Central Board of Film Certificate (CBFC) India has disapproved the song due to its lyrics and video. The song is undoubtedly more romantic than PC’s item song. The lyrics say “Laila teri le legi” has been disapproved by the board while its flashy video might get a “A” tag which will restrict it only to adults. This will also result in ban from airing it on television.

The song’s lyrics have been changed to “Laila tujhe loot legi” upon the censor board’s objection but the video is still left untouched. Sunny’s debut song has 7.3 million hits in a week way more than Priyanka;s Babli which only managed to get 4.3 million hits.

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