Sonal Denies The Rumors of Affair With Neil Nitin


Sonal Chuahan: “It was a privilege to have a premier of debut film in Pakistan “.

The actress spoke of her good memories and time spent in Pakistan while she credits Mahesh Bhatt for the peaceful relations developing amongst the two countries. She further added that when she was overjoyed to know that her film Jannat’s premier will also be held in Pakistan. She said that she always heard of the hospitality of Pakistani people as well as the fabulous taste of their food and always wished to have experienced that once in her life but she didnt even dreamt of getting that chance so early and suddenly. When she arrived at the Lahore airport she was amazed to see the love and affection shown by the pakistani people as it was her very first visit to Pakistan.


She spoke of her visit to Daata darbar but her 3 day short trip was not enough to explore the city but she was very amazed by the taste of Pakistani food. The actress spoke in high spirits about the Hospitality,tradition and the delicious cuisines. She really enjoyed the reception at the airport.

She further said that both countries must do reforms to promote each other’s culture and the showbiz stars can more freely carry out their showbiz activities. In reply to the question Sonal said that she feels proud to be the first india to win Miss World Tourism back in 2005. After that she was counted in the super models. After this achievement her fil career propelled in then was casted in movies like Jannat and Budha Ho Ga Tera Baap in which she had a chance to work with Amitab Bachan.

Her latest release will be “3G” opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh on 15th March. In an answer to question about her affair with Neil she replied that it is not a big deal as these kind of rumors are part of the showbiz life and there is no truth in them. She added that work is her utmost priority and she has never wasted her time in these kind of lame activities. Then she revealed her secret of a such sleek figure. She said i drink too much water and i exercise on regular basis every morning. She said my focus is on making my mark in the film industry and she will not involve in such activities that will effect her career as an actress.

She said although the Bollywood industry is doing quality work but there is always a room for the improvement. The success gained by quality work is long lasting while short cut success is short lived.


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