Selena Gomez Poses With Adorable‘Love’ Sign – Message To The Weeknd?


Selena Gomez posted the sweetest pic on Instagram, and it got The Weeknd’s attention. In the cute shot, Selena’s grasping something that says ‘love’, and it might be a charming message to her beau. Aww!

The Weeknd’s a fortunate person! Selena Gomez, 24, posted an excellent photograph of herself to Instagram on July 6, and we have an inclination she took it only for her sweetheart. In the adorable photograph, Selena is gripping what resembles a bicycle situate (peep the reflector on the left) that is stunned with grapples, blossoms, and “love” inside a heart. It turned out poorly by Abel, who preferred the photograph and remarked on it.

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Abel remarked “interest”, yet don’t go crazy; he’s not saying anything sexual in regards to Selena. That is the name of her up and coming single, which she’s prodding on Instagram through secretive photographs. With the goal that persuades this must be a still from the music video, too. That bodes well, since she began posting alternate photographs (which interface with make one colossal one) soon after her “adoring” message. In any case, this one is by all accounts like it’s for a unique somebody. The Weeknd didn’t remark on some other pics!


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We’re truly eager to see the video for “Fixation”! Alternate pics Selena presented on Instagram consolidate on demonstrate a scene from the music video. Selena’s wearing an adorable yellow dress and white tennis shoes, and is sitting amidst the road with her basic need sacks around her on the black-top. Selena has her ears secured, and from the looks of the auto behind her, and in addition the rural neighborhood, this could be a continuation of “Terrible Liar”. Wouldn’t that be magnificent?

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