Nikon D7100 Camera : Review



The Nikon D7100 is a high performance, mid range high quality DSLR equipped camera that will definitely attract photographers with its fully loaded features and performance based system.

Nikon has decided to stick with DSLR (Digital single lens reflex camera) but for a reason, many people are using smartphones which produce amazingly high quality pictures. These smartphones are more of a touch and go camera where you can take a picture and upload it online but for the people in love with photography Nikon D7100 is a decent camera to start from.

Nikon D7100 2

Pros :

It comes with a brand new 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor which allows a far more clearer shots plus crystal clear 3.2 inch LCD, its weather resistant body gives you filming experience in every condition.

Cons :

Everything is shifting to touch screen now-a-days but its disappointing not to see a touch screen display and Wifi capability is also missing.

Nikon D7100 3

Features :

Nikon has developed an entirely brand new sensor, this technology allows much sharper detail to the captured images. This features makes this camera distinguished from all ts counter parts and rivals. but this is not the only thing which make it impressive. It has well equipped range of new and improved features including a smart AF system, featuring 51 AF points for ultimate flexibility when you’re shooting. This enables us to take HD photos and videos of any event whether you are capturing a high speed action or just a simple family gathering. The amazing part is that it has 24.1 MP which gives a very high quality experience. It has a weather resistant material which can easily co-op with severe rainy conditions. You need not to fear the rain water any more.

Nikon D7100 1

Design :

The striking design makes this gadget more appealing. It has a very comfortable feel in the hand thanks to its complete new hand holding design.

Nikon D7100 5

Performance :

The small amount of time needed to change lenses is another compelling option to buy this brand. The easy-to-access control feature makes it really easy to set different settings for different kind of backgrounds.  Those who are more interested in video capturing won’t be disappointed in any mean, thanks to it’s well placed button next to the shutter button. You can capture full HD vidoes by a single press of a button.

Like its predecessors this camera also has a ‘Expeed 3’ image-processing engine which is not a stranger to any one. Over the years this image processing engine has proven its worth so Nikon decided to go with it.

Battery :

It has rechargeable EN-EL15 lithium ion battery that is placed in usual battery slots just below the hand grip region. It has two SD cards slots, one with the battery and the other is located at the right side of camera.

It can take an impressive amount of pictures (950) on battery power even when the temperature drops below zero.
Nikon D7100 4

Final Verdict :

Nikon D7100 is a camera that appeals and arouses your interest. This one is an ideal camera to start with and to enter the more advanced DSLR world, it serves as the first step towards the DSLR era for amateur photographers. Its design and easy hand control is a plus point moreover the weather protection offers a great deal of experience as you don’t need to fear the water and rain anymore.

Its more like an all rounder as it is great in nearly every aspect. It is more than a day-to-day camera due to its high performance and amazing features. It is a must buy for all those who want to get their hands on DSLR technology in a very easy and friendly way.


Price : $1184

Nikon D7100



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