Last Night In Sweden’ Trump Invents Terrorist Attack & Twitter Freaks Out – See Epic Clap Backs

Donald Trump

Here we go once more! Donald Trump moved the images toward the beginning of today when he referenced a psychological oppressor assault in Sweden on Feb. 18, that didn’t really happen and the tweets are amusing!

President Donald Trump, 70, got Twitter going on, Feb. 18 amid a rally he gave in Florida. “You take a gander at what’s occurring in Germany, you take a gander at what’s going on the previous evening in Sweden. Sweden, who might trust this. Sweden. They took in huge numbers. They’re having issues like they never thought conceivable,” he told the group. The main issue was, nothing occurred in Sweden the previous evening.


Individuals were super confounded with reference to what really matters to the President. Previous PM of Sweden Carl Bildt tweeted, “Sweden? Psychological militant assault? What has he been smoking? Questions proliferate.” The official Swedish Twitter account, which is controlled by an alternate Swedish native every week guaranteed individuals all was well and stated, “No. Nothing has occurred here in Sweden. There has not been any fear based oppressor assaults here. By any means. The primary news is about Melfest.” Melfest is an opposition in Sweden to settle on the nation’s entrance to the Eurovision Song Contest, as detailed by the BBC. Emma, who has been tweeting from the official Swedish Twitter even caught up with, “What Donald Trump may allude to is a meeting done in Foxe News where a narrative producer, Ami Horowitz, discusses Sweden,” and proceeded in another tweet, “and he to missunderstanding how things function here. So it’s wrong data on top of off base data.”


Well obviously, Twitter had a flat out field day and has been producing images throughout the morning. “In Sweden a young lady was conveying a stallion the previous evening! Genuine story, no fake!” one client tweeted with a photo from the 1969 Pippi Longstocking film. Another Twitter client posted a photo of the Northern Lights with the tweet, “No Mr #Trump – This is not a compound assault by psychological militants. This is known as the Northern Light.”


A lot of individuals utilized popular anecdotal characters in their images. One tweet included the Swedish gourmet expert from The Muppets and expressed, “Swedish police have discharged a photo of the man looked for a nights ago dread assault.” Another guaranteed the President that Sweden would be protected in the hands of a superhero. LOL!

It’s not the first run through the President has been the subject of some clever images. A Reddit string had the Internet laughing hysterically over “small Donald Trump.” Kellyanne Conway confronted comparable responses after she discussed the nonexistent “Knocking down some pins Greene Massacre” on Hardball with Chris Matthews. “I wager it’s fresh out of the box new data to individuals that President Obama had a six-month restriction on the Iraqi displaced person program after two Iraqis came here to this nation, were radicalized and they were the brains behind the Bowling Green Massacre. The vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea about that since it didn’t get secured,” she said.

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