KTM 690 Duke Bike 2014 Price and Review



KTM is the brand of new sport motorcycle and start producing motorcycles again in 1954. Since 1954 KTM is famous for the production of off-road bikes, but in the past few years and expanded its production of motorcycles in the streets.

The new Duke that stands here today is empowered by having more smoothness and lasting peace in the ability of long-distance. It is due to the acceleration of the dynamics in order to ride the thing that still resides in the 2014 KTM 690 Duke. While riding on KTM 690 Duke 2014 will feel a lasting experience and exceptional ride ever. Bike seems to have outstanding technical feature that cranks up the grace of her aesthetically.


Fuel Competition

The best part about the KTM 690 Duke Bike 2014 is that it uses very less amount of fuel than before and this is due to the improvements made ​​in the electrical and mechanics. Last year, no doubt, was the Duke stood for the first time in consumption compared with the ease of testing conducted at the international level. This time the ride comes more friendly and economical.


Concerning Dynamicly

It is quite light in weight, Space frame is assumed to consist of tabular and chrome molybdenum steel and is of 9 KG in weight. While the swing arm is 4 kg in weight and is of the highest quality, pin jointed and die casting that impress extreme level of stiffness that gives the result of 150 kg KTM 690 Duke Bike 2014, along with the excellent tracking stability.


Brakes Detail

KTM Duke sports bike brakes comes with incredible strength that very cranks up the ability to control. There exists launched a radical – fixed brake caliper which is having 4 pistons and includes a disc brake of 320MM.



KTM-690-Duke-Bike-2014-Price-and-Review KTM-690-Duke-Bike-2014-Price-and-Review


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