Kim Kardashian Shares Chilling Robbery Details: I ‘Mentally Prepped’ To Be Raped


We at long last got the opportunity to see precisely what happened to Kim Kardashian on that pivotal day in Paris, and it turned our stomachs to hear her concede that she thought she would have been assaulted. Here’s precisely what Kim uncovered about the most exceedingly terrible night of her life.

Everything begins so honestly! Kim Kardashian, 35, and Kourtney Kardashian, 37, are eager to go to Paris Fashion Week in the March 19 scene of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and it’s Kourt’s first time. Once there, they get together with Kris Jenner, 60, and her sweetheart Corey Gamble, 35. Kanye West, 39, likewise splits far from his U.S. visit to join his better half in Europe. They visit the distinctive couture houses to be fitted for looks and it’s all exceptionally charming. Obviously, we realize that won’t keep going long…

On the night of Oct. 2, the fam goes to watch Kendall Jenner, 21, stroll in her Givenchy appear. Back at the flat, Kourtney changes equips and goes out for a night on the town — abandoning Kim.At around 3:00 in the morning of Oct. 3, Kourtney gets a content from a companion, Simone Harouche, saying that Kim is distant from everyone else. “Kim called me from Simone’s telephone shouting for help, as, as loud as possible,” Kourt says.

In the interim, back in New York City, Kanye performs at The Meadows music celebration. While in front of an audience, he gets the exasperating call that there’s been a crisis in the family. “I’m sad. I need to stop the show,” he tells the group before surging off.Kris and Kendall likewise describe how they got the startling bring amidst the night. “I promptly began crying and pushing individuals, running,” Kendall recollects. “We were quickly vexed and in stun,” Kris includes. When they at long last got to Kim, she was “in the corner wailing,” as Kendall clarifies. “We were all so damaged that we cleared out Paris before the sun came up,” Kris says mournfully.

Back on American soil, Kim rides with Kanye in a lift. “I would prefer not to cry before the children or let them know anything isn’t right,” she lets him know, and Kanye concurs. “We won’t discuss it front of the children,” he says. They rejoin with North West, 3, and it’s unfortunate to see Kim put on an overcome confront for her and demonstration like nothing’s incorrectly. Once they’re settled, the fam tries to talk over the secret of the burglars, yet they don’t have enough data to fathom it. (The case is as yet going on today, as we probably am aware.)”Our life will need to change,” Kim acknowledges on the plane to Los Angeles. They discuss how individuals online are calling her theft fake, and saying she ought to try and need to go to imprison if she’s lying! “Why might I ever fake that and make myself look perilous, for individuals to target me?” she says distrustfully. So genuine.

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“Express gratitude toward God we were all around and wakeful,” Kendall reveals to her mother and Kourt in the kitchen. “I practically fell on the ground,” Kourtney says in regards to getting her own telephone call from Kim. “I had night wear on and I was quite recently running a few doors down,” Kris puts in.”When we got to the flat, we arrived an indistinguishable time from the police,” Kendall says in a confession booth. “When I went and embraced [Kim], she resembled, awkward with me embracing her. It’s insane to think it was my sister experiencing that.”

At long last, at Kim’s home, she and Khloe Kardashian, 32, FaceTime with Rob Kardashian, 29. He ensures Kim’s great. “I rest fine. However, today I have uneasiness, so I’m similar to, ugh, I trust I simply don’t begin,” Kim says.She reveals to her sisters more subtle elements of the burglary, clarifying that the attendant, who was compelled to give the looters access to Kim’s room, filled in as an interpreter since he talked both English and French. “While I’m be


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