Kashgar to Gwadar road plan is a success road for Pakistan: Shahbaz Sharif

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Chief minister of punjab shahbaz sharif said that the plan to make a 2,000-kilometer lengthy road from kashgar to gwadar is a successful plan and a milestone of progress which is achieved through the prime minister’s china stay. (lahore)

gwadar to kashgar road, kashgar to gwadar road,

In Conversation with  Pakistani people in Beijing, Shahbaz said the road resolve twist away to be a fine omen for Pakistan and has been named as the financial passage and trade road for both countries of the world. He said the plan would help 35 industries and will make and issue employment opportunities for hundreds and thousands of citizens.

Before, the meeting with  head of Chinese Power Company, Shahbaz said the days of a faltering advance on nationalized project has left.

Afterward, he address a financial meeting prepared by the Pakistani embassy in Shanghai, the Punjab chief minister held he resolve personally multitude the Chinese investor in Pakistan, and make sure full government help toward them.