Jennifer Lopez Friends Worried She’ll Be Left ‘Crushed’ After Drake Romance Fizzles

Jennifer Lopez

OMG! Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s sentiment is hot and overwhelming now, yet her companions are concerned she’ll be left “smashed” after the fascination misfires, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned. Discover why J.Lo’s buddies are worried that she’ll wind up with a ‘broken heart.’

Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, can’t get enough of each other. Despite the fact that things are going incredible between them at this moment, her companions are stressed that over the long haul, she’ll wind up “despondent” from their hurricane sentiment. “Everybody’s concerned it will blaze splendid, yet rapidly fail out once the enthusiasm and insane science dies down a bit, and Jen will be left completely squashed,” a source near the Shades Of Blue performer tells EXCLUSIVELY. “This is a super enthusiastic, insane and exceptional crazy ride — as a large portion of Jen’s connections seem to be. She is head over heels for him, and he appears to super burrow her as well.”

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