Imran Khan Secret Marriage with Ayla Malik





Imran Khan Secret Marriage with Ayla Malik

Election campaign is continue in the whole Pakistan and every politician is making policies and is busy in public meetings but some of the politicians are busy in some other matters. According to the sources imran khan secret marriage rumors has been hot news these days. According to the secret sources he made marriage with Nawab Of Kalabagh granddaughter Ayla Malik

Imran Khan Secret Marriage with Ayla Malik before Election 2013:

Ayla Malik is ex national assembly member she was a beautiful lady of the national assembly. According to her the announcement of marriage will be from imran khan after election 2013 because imran khan did not wanted to waste time before election and wanted to enjoy the happiness of marriage and election winning at same time after election 2013.

According to the sources she also married former member Baluchistan assembly dost Muhammad rind but due to some personal problems she got divorced from him.

Ayla Malik is independent personality in PTI.