Finally Mahira Khan Got Divorced from Her Husband


Finally Mahira Khan Got Divorced from Her Husband

Lahore, Pakistan’s beautiful actress Mahira Khan divorced has been confirmed with her husband, Ali Askari. Mahira khan is a popular Pakistani television and film actress whose flawless looks, girly sophistication and childlike innocence many look onward to seeing in the evenings in order to not remember the tribulations of all the day. But a lot of sources says it is confirmed that Pakistani actress Mahira Khan got divorce from her hubby Ali Askari few years back in 2012. Though she is hiding this after some time, they together spotted jointly in a mutual family ceremony a family marriage and people considers they are still in association however they just get jointly for their kid. They have posted a video of the birthday of Azlan celebration where together were jointly however unluckily they are separate.Finally Mahira Khan Got Divorced from Her Husband

Finally Mahira Khan Got Divorced from Her Husband

Mahira Khan and Ali Aksari became good friends when Mahira was in America. It was Ali Aksari who assisted her get in touch with the TV industry she was just twenty-one years old, and Ali proposed to her for wedding. The duo tied the knot on 13 July in 2007. Since then they have been living gladly soon they got blessed with a baby girl. Later they as well became parents of a baby boy whose name is Azlaan.

The whole thing was going on smooth still all of an unexpected misunderstandings crept into their association. Ali began getting disturbed with her popularity and fame.

He used to feel quite unconfident regarding the future of their association. Soon their married life began getting bitter he required her to quit her career of acting however she planned to carry on with her work. Husband of Mahira as well desired her to stop with her dressing style after wedding, but she seemed to differ. All these matters more enhanced their dissimilarities.

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So guys Mahira Khan divorced has been confirmed.

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  2. Mahira Khan is a famous Pakistani model. I am a big fan of Mahira Khan. She appears in many Lollywood films and Pakistani television serials. Mahira is one of the Pakistan’s most popular and highest-paid actresses, and the recipient of several awards, including three Lux Style Awards and five Hum Awards.


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