Dutch Politician Repent From Effrontery Messenger Weeping On Roza-E-Rasool

Posted on Oct 21 2013 - 12:15pm by Nazia Shamsher

Making movie “Fitna” based on blasphemy Dutch politician Ernaud Fandorn has got happiness of God Pilgrimage after embraced Islam. On this occasion attendance on Roza-e-Rasool Ernaud Fandorn too much weeping. After that he has announced that he will make movie on Sirat-e-Taiba and all his life will serve for Islam. It is clear that Arnold embraced Islam before six years and this news found significant place in media.

Holland’s politician and previous Parliamentarian were embraced Islam in the month of April and he got happiness of God Pilgrimage this year. It is clear that politician play basic role in movie “Fitna” against Islam was embraced Islam on the propagation of one Muslim friend in 2006. He is the important leader of “Freedom Party” and previous Parliamentarian. Before this he got more fame from the reference of against Islam theories. He is the close companion of Dutch politician Garrett Worlds notorious enemy of Islam.

Dutch Politician Repent From Effrontery Weeping On Roza-E-Rasool

Ernaud Fandorn on the occasion of hajj said that since i reached Hejaz Muqaddas my tears are not stopping. After embraced Islam the comfort and relief which I got can’t describe in words. He said that after embraced Islam in first leisure did Hajj so I can seek forgiveness of previous sins.

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