Celebrities react to Donald Trump Winning the Election


In a shocking furious, previous reality television star and business and land big shot turned-legislator Donald J. Trump won the required number of constituent votes Tuesday in a fervently crusade, making him the 45th President of the United States come January 2017. The recently named president-choose additionally earned the anger of numerous well known faces in Hollywood, who amid the night posted their stun and dissatisfaction (and in a couple cases, celebration) at his lead in the surveys over Democratic chosen one Hillary Clinton. we’ve rounded up the most poignant tweets about the election results below.

Here’s a testing of tweets from for the duration of the night and after Trump’s win was declared in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The 2016 presidential race isn’t going the way big names anticipated.

Numerous surveys anticipated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win the Electoral College over Republican chosen one Donald Trump. As of this article, Trump leads 150 votes to Clinton’s 109, per The New York Times, with a great part of the Western United States’ outcomes exceptional.

Melania TrumpGiven the huge vocal support for Clinton from performers, artists, and other eminent figures, her renowned fans are anxious as the clock ticks away.

“I said BREATHE. (I am conversing with myself as well, y’know)” Hamiltoncreator and previous star Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted.

“Somebody give me trust,” Sarah Silverman included.

Emmy-champ Sarah Paulson discovered comfort in grasping her Clinton doll. “I have you and I’m not giving up. @HillaryClinton,” she composed.

In the interim, Netflix’s modern science fiction arrangement Black Mirror gave a dismal comment. “This isn’t a scene. This isn’t promoting. This is reality,” it said.

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