Just Celebrate Black Friday 2016 in Pakistan

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If you are a calculated spender and want to keep a track of every single penny that you spend. If you have a long list of pending to-shop items and are waiting for that one day when your piggy bank explodes of the saving. If you want to buy online that new cellphone/laptop and just cannot because of the high prices. Then brace yourself and be ready to spend, the time has arrived. Black Friday sales and deals in Pakistan are finally here. The shopping frenzy of the year, the king of events has finally arrived.

Black Friday sales & deals in Pakistan

What is Black Friday in Pakistan?

Following the Thanks Giving feast, Black Friday in Pakistan 2016 is slightly religious and heavily commercial event. There are a lot of myths and conspiracies attached with the event but the fact of the matter they are nothing but merely false. If you are thinking Black Friday specials is about religion, dude, get a break. There is nothing religion in Black Friday. And if you thought that the color black was to ridicule any of your emotions and sentimental attachments. Get a life again. The only reason Black Friday is called Black, a) it seems like everything is gone crazy and selling in black, b) in earlier days profits of companies used to get recorded in black and hence the term Black Friday was invented. So, the next time someone tells you how non-religious this event is, shut him off. So, now you (Pakistan) knows that What is Black Friday in Pakistan is all about?

GOSF 2016 Pakistan: Great Online Shopping Festival!

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When is Black Friday Celebrated in Pakistan?

The Black Friday event is considered as an opener to Christmas event and celebrated right after Thanks Giving Day. Black Friday online shopping festival in Pakistan – is basically the opener to month long shopping festival. The event though got its trajectory from online sales. It was only after only Black Friday sales became popular that Black Friday became popular alongside. The event made its debut in Pakistan last year and was soon a major hit. Online shopping in Pakistan went crazy and almost everyone in Pakistan was shopping. There were a few glitches here and there but here and there but who cares. Once you are there you are there. This year Black Friday in Pakistan will be celebrated on 25th of November 2016, fourth Thursday. This has been the tradition for quite some time. A ritual sort of a thing, online shopping during Black Friday is regularly celebrated on the given dates.