Ayyan Ali Life Review


Ayyan Ali is an emerging Pakistani Super Model and singer and She is also known as “Dollar Girl” for her money laundering scandal, we are writing her life review to help you figure out more about her life. She has featured the cover of more than 100 magazines Internationally. This article focuses mainly on the career and scandals of Ayyan Ali.

Gender.               Female

Birthdate.           30th July 1993

Nationality.        Pakistan

Languages.         Urdu and English

Height.                 5’6

Career of Ayyan Ali.

Ayyan Ali started her career as a model at the age of sixteen in the year 2009. After that she never looked back and continued to work as a model and a singer. Ayyan Ali is best known for her modeling rather than singing. She has been nominated for several awards in Pakistan as well as throughout the world.

Ayyan Ali as A Model.

Ayyan Ali is the supermodel of Pakistan. She has featured in several magazines. In 2010 she was awarded the title of Calvin Klein “Beauty of the Year”. After this she also became the brand ambassador of their brand for few years. In the same year 2010 she was nominated for the Best Emerging Female Model for the Lux Style Awards. In 2011, she was nominated for the Best Females Model for Lux Style Awards. She won the awards of Best Female Model for 2012 at the Pakistan Media Awards.

Ayyan Ali as A Singer.

Ayyan Ali started her singing career in the year 2014. Her first single named You and I was released on Eid – ul – Fitr in July 2014. At this single she was highly criticized. But her passion did not stop her and she was not affected by the criticism on her. After that Ayyan Ali released her three more singles.

Singles of Ayyan Ali:

Following songs were released and sung by Ayyan Ali:

  1. Earthquake
  2. Making Dollars feat. Timo
  3. You and I feat. F. Charm

And after these singles she was highly appreciated. And singing also became the source for her reputation.

The Dollar Girl Ayyan Ali.

Ayyan Ali was called as the Dollar Girl because of a very solid reason. She was charged for the crime of money laundering. She was off to Dubai when Airport Security Force (ASF) checked her luggage. US $506,800 were recovered from her luggage. The security personals took her to the custom judge. Ans she was sent to a fourteen-day judicial remand. The money she was carrying exceeded the limit of money that can be carried out of the Pakistan. Ayyan Ali was taken to the medical facility for the examination.

During the trial, she named out several Pakistani Politicians she was connected to. Her main connections were found to the co-Chairman of PPPP (Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian) Asif Ali Zardari. She also named several other Pakistani models involved in the crime. On July 16 2015 she was released from the jail on bail. Ayyan Ali is still under trial. And her name was put in the ECL (Exit Control List). Which means that she cannot travel to outside the Pakistan. This was the main reason behind calling her the Dollar Girl. At that time, she was 21 years old.

However, Ayyan Ali was treated like a VIP for her solid political associations.

Awards and Achievements:

Ayyan Ali has been nominated and won the several awards. Following is the list of awards that she won and was nominated for.


  1. Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Female Model in the year 2010.
  2. Lux Style Award for Best Female Model in the year 2011.
  3. Lux Style Award for Best Female Model in the year 2012.
  4. Lux Style Award for Best Female Model in the year 2013.
  5. Beauty Awards for Miss Photogenic in the Year 2013.
  6. Beauty Awards for Best Skin in the year 2013.
  7. Beauty Awards in the category Beauty of the Year in year 2013.

Awards Won by Ayyan Ali.

Ayyan Ali won the following awards during her career.

  1. S Consulate General Women’s Day in the category Best Model in the year 2009.
  2. Miss Calvin Klein Beauty in the category Miss Calvin Klein in the year 2011.
  3. Pakistani Media Awards for Best Female Model in the year 2012.
  4. Hum Awards in the category for Best Female Model in the year 2012.
  5. Veet Awards for Veet Awards in the year 2013.
  6. Express Tribune Awards for Best Female Model in the year 2014.
  7. Pakistan Media Awards for Beauty icon of the year in the year 2014.
  8. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Female Model in the year 2014.
  9. Beauty Icon of the Year for Woman’s Day in the year 2014.



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