Amanda Knox Reveals Shocking Lesbian Encounter In Prison

Amanda Knox

This is so unnerving! Amanda Knox said that she had an undesirable sexual involvement with a lesbian prisoner in jail. Get every one of the points of interest here. Amanda Knox, 29, has uncovered that she was companions with a “lesbian” amid her time in an Italian jail that brought about an irritating occasion of rape. Amanda was bolted up in the wake of being sentenced for the 2007 murder of her flat mate Meredith Kercher and stayed there until the decision was toppled in 2015. In another article for Vice’s Broadly, Amanda uncovered that three years into the four years she would serve, a prisoner named Leny (name changed) who was a “residential area street pharmacist,” came up to her in the jail yard.

Amanda Knox

“Leny educated me concerning how, in Italy, she had encountered a ton of judgment and shut mindedness,” Amanda composed. “I identified. When I was 14, gossip circumvented my Catholic secondary school that I was a lesbian, estranging me from everybody except a little gathering of my colleagues. Afterward, I turned into a LGBTQ partner and helped found the Gay-Straight Alliance at my secondary school.”

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Amanda said that after hearing that, Leny “smiled ear-to-ear”. “A while later, she hastened, puppy-like, close by me as I paced the practice yard – the following day, and the day from that point onward, and in the long run each day.” Amanda said that the two went ahead to frame a “practically” kinship, as different detainees would not like to hang out with the “acclaimed” Amanda who had heaps of mail and visits from her family.

Amanda Knox“At any rate at first, Leny won’t not have been attempting to lure me, and was quite needing somebody kind to divert her from her dejection,” Amanda composed. Be that as it may, Leny then made it clear she needed to be more than companions, attempting to clasp hands with Amanda and advising her, “I’ve changed ladies some time recently.” Then, Leny need so far as to kiss Amanda without wanting to. “I gritted my teeth and half-grinned, faltering amongst humiliation and outrage,” Amanda composed. “It was sufficiently awful that the jail foundation took responsibility for body ― that I was confined and strip-sought all the time and had as of now been sexually pestered by male watchmen.”


Leny thought Amanda was “over-responding” when she said that the prisoner expected to regard her limits. Leny was discharged before Amanda and thought of her adoration letters stuffed inside CD coats, yet Amanda said she “never answered” to them.