Actress Mamta Kulkarni Accepted Islam:





Actress Mamta Kulkarni Accepted Islam:

Famous Indian actress Mamta Kulkarni accepted Islam. According to the sources famous Indian actress of 1990 who was very famous about her work and beauty in India has accepted Islam as her religion and said that I love Islam very much and I was searching for the true religion of the world and after complete study of the many religions I choose Islam as my religion because Islam is more true religion and sympathy for the worshippers she said Islam is the world most liked religion is very clean and clear religion of the world and I am very happy by accepting Islam.

According to the sources Mamta Kulkarni was in Dubai because his husband was in jail in case of drugs smuggling to Dubai. After that incident she abolished bollywood from her life and uses to live like the normal girl and use to think about her future and life after death. She said I was very afraid about my doom and my life after death.

According to the sources her husband Vicky Goswami accepted Islam in jail and married her due to her husband beautiful life and safe and sound way of praying impressed her very much and she use to think about Islam for her core heart and accepted Islam. Nowadays she is living in Kenya with her husband and is living a beautiful life.

After their accepting Islam Dubai governments gave them favor and release her husband on 15th Nov 2012 and help them in every matter of life.